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A message from our founder:

Dear friends,

For almost four years, we have been working to build the Student Language Exchange. This year saw more change and growth than any other year previous.


Last year, we were a group of idealistic students dreaming of an inclusive, understanding, collaborative future for our world. We were operating at two universities (Brown and Brandeis) and had run programs in 9 world languages.


This year, we launched at 4 additional universities (Columbia, Tufts, Vassar and Williams), tripling our reach.  We grew to offer programs in over 30 languages and cultures, and to serve over 250 students per semester. Through our newly launched Student Language Examiner, we are reaching thousands more. In recognition of these accomplishments, we have been honored as a Peace First Prize Finalist (still in consideration for grand prize), a Halcyon Fellowship Awardee, and an Echoing Green Semifinalist. We’ve also been featured in Forbes, the Atlantic, USA Today, the Huffington Post, and the Chronicle of Higher Education, and been invited to speak at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language’s Annual Convention, the Generation Study Abroad Summit, and South by Southwest EDU.


On a programmatic note, we developed exceptional online trainings and resources, and as a result, saw near-unanimous satisfaction with our programs from students, fellows, and faculty. Ninety-six percent of participating students reported gaining new cultural understanding from their SLE courses, and one-hundred percent of fellows ‘strongly agreed’ that the SLE fellowship was a rewarding experience. To learn more about our year, check out our annual report.


If you’d like to get in touch, please shoot us an email. This upcoming year is going to be big for us, and I’m truly grateful to have you along for the journey.


Much SLE love, Amelia

Founder & Board MemberLe

Leadership Team:

Fiora MacPherson, Strategy

Kirsten Craig, Media

Elizabeth Parr, Programs

Gabriella Jassir, Curriculum

Kassandra Fotiadis, Engagement

Nicole Ong, Examiner

Rebecca Zhang, Design

Advisors and Board Members:

Marty Abbott, Executive Director at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Elsa Amanatidou, Director of the Center for Language Studies at Brown University

Amelia Friedman, Founder of the Student Language Exchange

Deb Mills-Scofield, CEO of Mills-Scofield LLC

Lizzie Pollock, Assistant Director of Social Entrepreneurship at Brown University

Katherine Saviano, SLE Campus Coordinator at Tufts University

​James Seymour, Managing Partner at Pontefract Global Strategies

– – – Want to get involved?​ – – –


Whether you see yourself as an advisor, a coordinator, or sharing your own language, we are always on the lookout for eager talents to join the SLE family! 

Contact us and we’ll look for the best fit between your skills and our needs.

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Thank you always to our donors and sponsors, who’ve sent their love and support to us from around the world.
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