To introduce students to diverse cultures, and to empower them to apply their skills and passions towards collaborative change around the world.

We endeavor to spark a conversation that brings underrepresented cultures into the fold of undergraduate learning. By leveraging the wealth of cultural experiences on college campuses, we open spaces in which students lead students through an exchange that highlights the value of every culture, catalyzes long-term intercultural understanding, and showcases opportunities for continued learning. We seek to stir conscious action through inclusive exchange, and to build the foundations of an inclusive dialogue that will move the world forward.


A generation of global leaders that appreciates every member of every community across the world.

Honest communication is central to peace and progress in an increasingly shrinking globe. The world we hope to live in will welcome all individuals from all origins to tackle our generation’s most pressing questions together. We envision a united global community where innovation is a collaborative process that includes all people, celebrates all cultures, and respects all ways of life. A connected world hinges on meaningful relationships between diverse people with diverse perspectives. It’s time for our world to get global.